I have seen several articles about resolutions and improving life. I really like this article about trail resolutions from David Roche ( and this one from Outside about being happier (

But the article I have liked the most is this one:

“A commitment to a device isn’t nearly as powerful as a commitment to a person,” says Sherry Pagoto, a behavioral scientist and professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. “We are very affected by those around us, especially when we go through a shared struggle like the process of developing fitness.” According to Pagoto, while social media and other virtual networks may be helpful motivators for some, to date, nothing matches the motivational power of a training partner or group. “It’s hard to replicate the intimate ties, subsequent support, and perhaps most importantly, accountability that comes with real, live training partners,” she says. In other words, it’s a lot harder to ignore a training partner than it is to ignore a wrist strap.

Around this time of the year many resolutions are made. And, if we are honest about it, in three months, a good portion of those resolutions go unrealized.

But there are ways to keep resolutions from going unrealized. One of the most effective ways of following through with a resolution is to not go it alone. Getting a buddy to join you is a good start, but an even better method is to join a group. When you know there is a whole group of people looking forward to seeing you and who will call you out (in a friendly manner) when you miss a meet up, you are way more likely to show up. Those friendships you form are going to be stronger than those nagging reasons to skip out.

This is most true with exercise resolutions.

This is where a group like Two Rules Running comes into play, and we like to play a lot! Sure, the workouts can be tough, but there is something to be said for getting to the end of a tough workout and then hanging about with friends and commiserating/laughing about it. It happens every week at the track. Afterwards we are all standing around laughing and catching up (and catching our breaths). And then there are the runs that end at either Lucky’s Market or Tipple’s Brews. Both locations have refreshing beverages and food (most weeks Cilantro Taco is parked behind Tipples) and those taste even better after a run. Our long runs are never quiet. There are always stories and chats and jokes being passed around and along the line of runners on the trails. Some of the best conversations happen on those long, slow runs.

The most common sight at the end of our workouts, aside from sweaty runners, is miles of smiles.

So, make a resolution and make some friends and make the next year even better than the last =)

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