Two Rules Running

Look Good. Don't Die.

Just Two Rules

Two Rules Running is a running training group that focuses on improving performance through structured workouts and a supportive running community.
The Two Rules are simple:
Rule #1: Look good
Rule #2: Don’t die

The Rules are both whimsical and serious.
Here’s how simple they are to follow. Are you running? Then you look good! A side perk is that because you have been running, you will look good even when you are not running =)
Are you still breathing? Second rule achieved! A side perk is that because you have been running, you will probably live even longer =)

Other aspects of the Rules come into play in our training. You will become more biomechanically efficient in your running. There will be clinics on good form running and pointers from Coach throughout the program. The more efficient you are, the faster you will be and the farther you will be able to run. And when you pass that person who was in front of you near the end of a race, you will Look Good doing it!
You will learn how to pace yourself early in races so that you won’t become one of the “walking dead” during the last miles of a race. You won’t “die” when so many of the others around you will be fading fast.

Just two rules. That’s all.

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